2nd Managing Committee Meeting hosted by Paper & Allied Merchants Association , Coimbatore      3rd Managing Committee Meeting hosted by The Paper Traders Association ( Regd ) Mumbai.     58th AGM and conference will be hosted by Paper Merchants Association ( Regd) Delhi

“PAPER DAY 1st August”

Federation of Paper Traders’ Associations of India (FPTA) is the apex body of all the Paper Traders of India. Established in the year 1959 on the advice of Late Lal Bahadur Sastri and it is headquartered at Mumbai. FPTA has 35 Paper Trading Associations affiliated to it. FPTA is one the most vibrant Trade Body in India taking up the causes of the Paper Industry and the Paper Trading Fraternity!


“Paper” is a unique product which is produced from a sustainable source ie wood which is cultivated in arid lands by farmers. It is not only bio degradable but also 100% recyclable without much impact on the environment. Paper is the primary medium is spreading Literacy and also enables products to reach the consumers intact. “Paper” also contributes immensely to Health and Hygine of people. There are innumerable application of Paper in our day to day lives. No day passes for every human being in the world without using paper!

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By Shri Sajjan Kumar Goenka
Federation of Paper Traders Associations of India

Paper – It is Bio Degradable,Recyclable and Sustainable

It is hard to imagine what life would be like without paper. All of us use it, in one of its many forms, each and every day. Just take a look around you and see how many different types of paper and board you can see.
Paper is a versatile material – it can decompose in water, yet maps can withstand the weather. Even boat hulls have been made from it.
Paper may be used as a fuel, or be made fire-resistant. It may be a carrier or a barrier or a filter. It may be made tough enough to withstand acid, or soft enough for a baby’s skin. It can be read and it can be worn as a garment. The list is endless.
It can be re-used and recycled and it is made from a renewable source.



VN, India eye greater trade in paper products

FPTA and VPPA on 9 February 2018 in Ho Chi Minh City