Shri Sajjan Kumar Goenka
President – FPTA.

The trade plays a pivotal part in the entire paper industry operation. The responsibility of maintaining and enhancing that role lies with all of us.

For doing so, just as we need to actively counter the present attempt at condemning paper as an environmentally unfriendly product, all of us have to jointly and actively promote and help enhance the usage of paper in our daily life.

In addition, the trade needs to play greater role in helping both the producer and the user in adding greater value to their own efforts, which will in turn help the trade to remain relevant and also add to the margins.

Like in all other spheres of human activities, the technology for paper making, printing and packaging are rapidly changing. The trade will need to constantly keep itself abreast of these changes on continuous basis, so it can efficiently perform its role on value addition.

Since younger generation is more adapt at imbibing these technological innovations, I would like to invite them to join the paper trade in larger numbers, so both will stand to gain,in the days to come.

I wish a great future for the entire paper trading community.

By Shri Sajjan Kumar Goenka
Federation of Paper Traders Associations of India

Hiren Karia
Hon. Secretary

It is my pride to serve as the Hon. Secretary of our prominent organization Federation of Paper Traders Associations of India (FPTA). I am very thankful to my home association PTA Mumbai who has given me this wonderful opportunity and the senior stalwart’s who regularly guides me to carry out my duties.

The pillars of my organization i.e. 35 affiliated associations who have made the working of the FPTA much effective and firm. To make my working more efficiency, I seek much more support from the pillars.

“My Heartiest congratulations to Shri. Nirmal Kuhad and his team for putting up such a wonderful newly revamped website of FPTA, I must say that the website is very well made and ready for live.

It gives all the information at the right place and I am sure our new website would help to promote history of paper, paper-trade and our organization.”

I appeal our members to send feedback for any further improvement in our web site.

Once again congratulations and keep up the nice work.

Shri Mehul J Mehta
Convenor – Website and Social Media.

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