1. Names of the Affiliated Associations under your jurisdiction:




  1. Whether you have visited any of the Associations during the quarter, if not the reasons.

Due to health concerns, I could not travel and hence, could not attend association meetings.

  1. What are the views of the Associations be it on trade, the functioning of FPTA, Government policies etc.

      1. Trade – The major concerns of trade today include the abrupt and frequent increase in prices by the mills. Credit overdue is also very troubling.

      1. Functioning of FPTAThe functioning of FPTA has become very smooth and effective because of various platforms available now to raise concerns and hold discussions.

      1. Govt. Policies – Coping up with the rules and regulations under the GST regime has been complicated for the traders and the manufacturers but in the long run, return filing and complying with the other rules would be done with much ease.

  1. Whether you are in touch with the President and FPTA

Secretariat regularly

I am in constant touch with the President and the Secretary of FPTA through voice calls and via emails and FPTA Whatsapp group.

  1. Whether you have attended the Managing Committee Meeting of FPTA held during the Quarter and if not the reasons.

I attended the 1st MC meeting held at Chennai and will be attending the meeting to be held at Jaipur on 9th June 2018.

  1. What is your assessment with regard to the functioning of FPTA – whether you have any suggestions which would give a boost to its working.

      1. The FPTA should provide important information regarding GST concerning on its website so that the traders are informed about the constantly changing GST laws.

      2. The FPTA should develop an online helpdesk or grievance cell so as to address traders’ different problems.

      3. The FPTA should provide guidelines for arbitration.

  1. Any other suggestions.

The FPTA mobile application should be more robust and user friendly.

Name and signature of the Vice – President:


Vice President – FPTA, Jaipur


Dear Members,

In the 2 Nd Managing Committee held at Bengaluru , it was decided

And accepted by our members to opt for KYC Form ( Know Your Customer ) ,

In which , the form would contain all the necessary information to be filled by

Our customers. The KYC form would be so implemented in such a way that

No transaction would be carried out unless the KYC format is completed. The

KYC Format is completed and would be sent to all the associations shortly.

Requesting all the members to follow the KYC form and make it Mandatory.

I am also in the process of forming an Arbitration committee where in

There would be an arbitrator from each member association ( Each

Association would send us an name of the representative from their

association ) . As soon as the names are recd, the committee would be

formed and We would send the list the names of the arbitrator along with

their contact Numbers to all the associations which would help each

association to get in touch with the concerned Arbitrator for any grievances.

By forming this committee , we can try to clear any disputes, issues or any

Other matters at our association level but all these matters have to be

Sent through our Federation FPTA office only. Hope members would get

more benefit out of this committee.

I am also insisting all our members to have an consumer meet at their association

Level and to take the maximum benefit out of this meeting. It will be more

Informative and can also sort out many issues between them.

Thanking you

Rajesh Jain


Committee for consumer Relations & Arbitrations.

Report of the FPTA GST Committee 2017-18.
To be presented in 3nd MC meeting at Jaipur on 9-10 Jun 2018.

I am pleased to present this report before this august house.

In the last MC meeting held at Bangalore on 6-7 Jan 2018 I had furnished the important details & achievements of GST committee under the esteem guidance of our Respected Shri Satyapal Gupta ji and Shri Balasubramanium ji.

Before the 2rd MC meeting we wrote various letters to all concerned departments and hold numbers of meetings related to GST with Senior Department officers, concerned personalities Shri Sushil Modi ji (Chairman GSTN), Shri Shyam Jauji Ji (National VP-BJP), Shri Manoj Tiwari ji (President Delhi BJP), Shri Arvind Kejriwal ji (Chief Minister Delhi), Shri Manish Sisodia ji (Dy CM and Finance Minister Delhi) and discussed all our GST problems faced by traders. Photo Copies of all the memorandums are given to the office Secretary of FPTA.

In spite of our best efforts the Govt has given only small relief to the traders but no major relief was given.

After the second MC Meeting:

A delegation Under the Chairmanship of Shri Satyapal Gupta ji, Shri Gian Prakash ji, Shri Alok Kumar Gupta and Shri Anil Gupta & I met Shri Manish Sisodia ji Hon’ble (Dy CM and Finance Minister Delhi) and requested for the following relief in GST for traders.

  1. ‘ALL KINDS OF PAPER & BOARD AND ITS PRODUCTS’ under chapter 48 should be brought under one slab that is 12%.

  1. GST council deferred RCM till 31.3.2018, it is requested that RCM should discontinue all together RCM in RCM GSTN holder’s work load increases and government does not get any extra revenue.

  1. GST council enforced E-way bill on sale value of above Rs 50,000/-. From 1st Feb 2018 on Interstate sales and from 1st June 2018 (Intrastate sales). Delhi Govt always trusts its Traders and we appreciate that Delhi Govt never imposed this type of forms. We suggest that the E-way bill should be deferred or if not then it may be applicable on a higher amount of Rs 5 Lakhs or more.

A set of paper and board and its Products under chapter 48 and GST applicable tax 12% and 18% was provided by Sh Anil Gupta General Secretary PMA Delhi to the Dy CM Delhi and he assured us that he will recommend one GST slab of 12% for chapter 48 in GST Council meeting.

Again a delegation Under the Chairmanship of Shri Satyapal Gupta ji, Shri S.K. Goinka ji, Shri Ranjit Bose, Shri Gian Prakash Gupta (President PMA Delhi), & Shri Anil Gupta, Shri Shanti Kumar Jain & I met Shri Piyush Goyal Ji, Hon’ble Union Minister for Rly, Coal & Finance and handed over our memorandum regarding the following problems and requested for appropriate relief for traders.

1. New GST return Form,

2. One chapter one tax,

3. RCM Problem,

4. One chance for correction should be given for Trans 1& 2 forms.

5. Detail of Vehicle Number in Part B of Eway bill is the liability of the transporter thus any penalty for error or omission in filling Part B, should be on transporter.

The whatsapp group of FPTA.

I thankful to Sh Balasubramanum ji, Sh Alok Kumar Gupta & Sh Priyesh Desai ji for sharing latest GST information promptly and regularly.

I thank all our affiliated Associations for their efforts to put-up GST problems from time to time with their State Chief Minister, Finance Minister and local GST Commissioner Etc.

I am grateful to our President Shri Annamalai (Venkat), Secretary Shri Hiren Karia ji and all the Members of the Managing Committee of FPTA for having extended full support on account of their patronage we could able to achieve some results in GST. I assure the house that I shall always do my duty sincerely to archive our goal.

Krishan Mohan Gupta
(Convener) 9810034262 E-mail:




ON 9TH JUNE – 10 TH JUNE – 2018.

DTD 06.06.2018

I thank our President Sri Venkat Annamalai for giving me the opportunity to serve FPTA. I would like to share the progress of work & some of the mile stones that my committee has reached during the year.

  • The list of members of all the 35 association affiliated to FPTA has been updated on our App.

  • As on date the total no of members is 5042. We are regularly uploading the news, events & activities of all the affiliated associations on – WHATS APP, WEBSITE & FPTA INDIA APP. Government circulars, notifications, newspaper articles related to paper trade are also updated on App.

  • The most heartening thing is that our members are using the App for business inquires. In a single click they have all the information about material available of paper in various categories.

  • At present only three advertisements are on our App with an income of Rs 85000 /- for six month and renewal Rs 60000/- + GST total Rs 145000/- to FPTA – we thank to the members who have contributed for the App advertisement. I feel our members are not utilizing this opportunity. I seek your cooperation by giving more advts not only to help FPTA, but also to get recognition all over. – ONE NATION ONE PLATFORM should be our motto.

  • I suggest to make a corporate style video of around 3 to 5 minutes duration about our FPTA with detail of our activities, mission, vision etc. The same can be uploaded on YOU TUBE & other social media.

  • The total no of members who have downloaded on our App is approx. 1300. I request all the affiliated associations to educate their members about our App so that at our 57th AGM & CONFERENCE at Kolkata we reach our target of 100 %. Till now our total download on Android 1286 & on i phone 2790 i.e. total 4076, Android rating 89 & reviews with over all 4.72 stars out of 5.

  • We are getting appreciations not only from our members, but also from outside, one of such mail of appreciation we received from a non-member from, PATIALA …..”The App being operated by FPTA appears to be very well planned & is indeed a very good effort towards making paper trade more system & technology driven. Please accept my compliments & best wishes.

Last but not the least, I thank all my team members for their relentless efforts & help. A special thanks to our Past President Shri Balasubramanian to send regular news to update on App.





Convener Report

Committee for International Trade 2017-18 At

3rd Managing Committee meeting of FPTA

to be held at JAIPUR on 8th& 9th June-2018

I thank our President for nominating me for this post and thank my team members for cooperating with me throughout the term towards fulfilling my duty as Convenor – Committee for International Trade.

Since mid 2017, China has shut down several plants due to lack of environment compliance. And recently as a part of anti-foreign dumping campaign China has banned Imports of several grades of waste paper. This has led to shutdown of Chinese plants that produce from waste paper (recycle paper) and increased the demand for wood pulp (natural fibre), other material from which paper can be produced. Countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and Chile which are major pulp exporters have now diverted all their pulp towards China at a much higher price thus leading to sharp rise in the end products.

Global Scenario for Paper & Board industry is generally upswing and Prices are upswing since past 4 months. Most of the mills have increased prices around 100 to 150 USD per ton in 2018.

  1. International Market for Pulp, Paper & Printing are on upswing, Most of the prices are moving up since past 4 months.

Current Average Rates:

Soft wood pulp – 850 to 900 US $

Hard Wood Pulp – 800 to 850 US $

Waste Paper Average – Brown – 275 US $

– White – 475 US $

India Imports nearly – 2.3 Million Tons of Waste Paper.

Coated Paper – 820 to 875 US $

Wood free Paper – 850 to 900 US $

Copier – 900 to 950 US $

Newsprint – 650 to 700 US $

US $ – is stable &currently around 67.00 INR

  1. India’s yearly

Exports of Paper & Boards – 0.5 Million Tons

Imports of Paper & Boards – 2.0 Million Tons

Newsprint Imports – 1.5 Million Tons

  1. Japan’s Nippon Paper to Acquire Plus Paper Food Pac, India. Purchasing all outstanding shares in Indian Company will give the Japanese company its first manufacturing and marketing base in the sub continent.

  1. Happy to inform you that we had a very successful trip to Vietnam from4th Feb to 11th Feb 2018. We had 45 members from All India namely Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkatta, Vijayawada, Indore, Meerut, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Salem, Karur, Baroda Etc.




Day 1: on 5th Feb:

We had meeting at our hotel with officials of Vietnam Pulp & Paper Manufacturers Association. Officials from VPPA – addressed us about the complete scenario of Vietnam Paper Industry and welcomed us to Import & Export to Vietnam. Some officials invited us to visit their plants, which we had not planned in our itenery. Vietnam Imports nearly 1.9 Million tons of paper & board annually. Vietnam Exports around 2lakh tons of paper. Per Capita consumption is around 40 Kgs.

Anhoa Mills: Officials From Anhoa Paper Mills had come with full presentation & Samples and they are exporting to India.

We had officials from Ministry of Investments – Vietnam, who assured us of all help for any requirements in Vietnam.

Post lunch we proceeded to our mill visit:- Bai Bang Paper Company – A Government of Vietnam owned mills gave us very good welcome & showed around the mills. They export only after meeting the local demand.

Day 3: We departed to the world famous Ho Long Bay and had our private Cruise.

Day 4: We flew to Ho – Cho Min City from Hanoi.

Day 5: We visited 2 small paper mills and then we had meeting with the officials of Association who briefed us about the complete industry and the activities of the Association. They shared with us all the data about Vietnam Industry.

Day 6: Highlight of the tour. We had a very fruitful meeting with Consul General of India – Dr. K. Srikar Reddy – Saigaon, Vietnam

The meeting was arranged in a Five Star Hotel Sheraton, Saigaon and they had invited.

  1. Vice Chairman of Vietnam Paper & Pulp Association.

  1. Vice Chairman of Vietnam Packaging Association.


  1. Chairman of INCHAM – Indian Chamber of Commerce Hochimin

  1. Officials from the Vietnam Ministry etc.

It was a very systematic world class meeting, we all had Headphone with language convertors and all welcomed us to Vietnam to do business and explore the oppurtunities. The Open House section was very informative & fruitful. Total gathering was 100+ and all cost was borne by Consul General of India, Saigaon. Our meeting was covered by press & media & it came in local newspapers.

Day 7: We visited the corporate office of Saigon Paper Mills and had very good interaction with the mill officials and they are very keen to do business in India.

Over all a very fantastic tour with quality networking & amazing experience of Vietnam.

  1. The CAGR growth in import of paper from Asian countries is around 34 percent per year in last six years. The imports are rising because of FTA that allows the trade at zero duty. In the last six years, Imports have risen at a CAGR of 15.8 percent in value terms ( from Rs: 3411 Crore in 2010-11 to Rs: 8,237 Crore in 2016 -17) and 17.6 percent in volume terms ( from 0.54 million tonnes in 2010-11 to 1.42 million tonnes in 2016-17).

  1. Since May 2017, China ceased granting import quota of paper recovered as raw material for production. This has made paper mills in China shortage of raw materials and the Chinese market is lacking in packaging paper seriously. As a result, the price of paper for packaging and paper packaging has risen daily in China.

  1. India has initiated an anti- dumping probe into imports of a certain kind of paper from Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore following complaints from some domestic companies. The West Coast Paper Mills, Tamil Nadu Newsprint, Papers Ltd, Ballarpur Industries and JK Paper had filed an application before the Directorate General of Antidumping and Allied Duties (DGAD) for initiation of anti-dumping investigation into imports of uncoated paper from the three countries.

The DGAD in a notification said it has found “sufficient prima facie evidence” of dumping of such paper from these countries. This paper is used as a photocopy or copy paper. The move is aimed at protecting domestic players in the sector against cheap imports. “The authority hereby initiates an investigation into the alleged dumping, and consequent injury to the domestic industry,” it said.

In the probe, it would determine the existence and effect of the alleged dumping and recommend the amount of anti- dumping duty, which if levied, would be adequate to remove the injury to the domestic industry, it added. The period of probe would be April 2016 to June 2017 (15 months) for the purpose of present investigations. We at FPTA always support free & fair trade practices.

  1. Custom Duty Charges from 1st January 2018.

South Korea – 0 %, Japan – 2.8 %, China – 10 % , Indonesia & Thailand – 0 %, Vietnam – 0%.

Thanking you,

Shekar Chandak


Committee for International Trade – FPTA

Second Report of the Public Awareness Committee of FPTA, 2017-2018

Dear Members,

First of all, I would like to appreciate each and every one of you who are regularly promoting Paper. I would also like to appreciate our President and others involved in the preparations of Celebration of “Paper Day” on 1st August.

On 1st March, we received an Audio clip of Central Govt Cabinet Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan, wherein he was suggesting people to go digital and reduce Paper Usage. This clip was received from IPMA General Secretary. IPMA gave in writing to the Minister – stating that Paper is bio-degradable, renewable, recyclable and sustainable made from Planted trees. IPMA requested us also to take up the matter with the concerned Minister as they knew that Dr Harsh Vardhan was Chief Guest at our function for the announcement of 1st August as Paper Day, at Paper Ex, New Delhi on 1st Nov 2017. I thank FPTA Secretariat for writing to the Cabinet Minister on the same subject.

There have been many instances recently wherein many Organisations (Government & Private) have started using Paper – directly or indirectly. Like, UIDAI released a statement that Plastic or PVC Aadhar cards will not be valid. Instead use Paper to Printing your Aadhar card. Recently Telangana IT Minister Mr K T Rama Rao (who is also Chief Minister’s son) rejected a flower bouquet as the same was wrapped in Plastic. Telangana Govt is taking steps towards Plastic free State, which will increase the use of Paper and Paper Products. Likewise, many Governments have released ads on 5th June – World Environment Day – stating to stop using Plastics and use recyclable products like Paper. Telangana Govt’s tagline was – If you can’t reuse it, refuse it.

Friends, I have been requesting from past three years that for creating Public Awareness about usage of Paper, we should first start from our home, our business. Please use Paper Visiting cards and not plastic ones. Please educate your family, friends about the myths about Paper and let them know that it’s good to us Paper. Very good information about Paper being bio-degradable is being also shared on our WhatsApp group. I suggest all the members should copy the same and forward to your other groups, so that your friends and family are updated against the myth about Paper. Members, it’s moral responsibility of all of us to create awareness and promote the usage of Paper.

Appreciations to various Associations (like Indore, Telangana, Kolkata to name a few, etc) for distributing Notebooks to the needy with Printed Matter promoting Paper

I would like to thank our Past President Sri C Balasubramanian and his son Deepak for coming up with beautiful idea of “My Stamp” postal stamp. FPTA can issue my stamp with logo of Paper Day, in co-ordination with the Indian Postal Department & local Philatelic Bureaus.

I have suggested to the President and other office bearers – since this is the first time we will be celebrating 1st August as Paper Day, we would like to have one name from each of the 35 Associations, who would report back to FPTA, as to how they have celebrated Paper Day in their City. Our President has been kind enough to float an idea of awarding the Association which reports the most innovative way in which they have celebrated Paper Day on 1st August. Looking forward for full co-operation from all 35 Associations in this endeavour.

With best regards,

Ravi Kumar Rathi

Convenor – Public Awareness Committee

Federation of Paper Traders’ Associations of India.


Period – August 2017 to 2nd. June, 2018.

  1. Names of the affiliated associations under my jurisdiction.

  1. Calcutta Paper Traders’ Association, Kolkata.

  2. West Bengal Paper Traders’ Association, West Bengal.

  3. Bihar Paper Merchants’ Association, Patna.

  4. Orissa Paper Dealers’ Association, Cuttack.

  5. Chattishgarh Paper Traders’ Association, Raipur.

  6. Raigarh Paper Traders’ Association, Raigarh.

  1. Visit to Associations.

  1. I hosted Sri A. Annamalai ,President, FPTA, when he visited Kolkata on 9th. September, 2017 on the occasion of 99th. AGM of Calcutta Paper Traders’ Association.

  2. On the same evening , few members of West Bengal Paper Traders’ Association met Mr. President over dinner.

  3. Accompanied our President for the visit to Chattishgarh Paper Traders’ Association, Raipur, on 13th. March,2018.

  4. Met members of Raigarh Paper Traders’ Association on 14th. March, 2018. along with our President Sri A. Annamalai (Venkat).

  5. Visited Bihar Paper Merchants’ Association, Patna on 14th. May, 2018 to have a luncheon meeting with their members and the President Mr. Venkat.

  6. Though not under my supervision, I accompanied Mr. President on his visit to Varanasi to meet the members of Kashi Kagaj Vyavsayi Samiti on 15th. May 2018 evening. I am indebted to members of the local association and Sri Vijay Bansal, the deputed Vice President of FPTA who accommodated me in their meeting.

  7. I am in touch with Sri Dipak Modi, secretary of Orissa Paper Dealers’ Association to organize a meeting. According to him The Association in almost defunct for quite a long period of time. It has to be revived.

  1. Views of Associations on trade , functioning of FPTA , Government policies.

  1. Regarding trade the members are trying to adjust with the rising prices and shortage in supply though there is no big jump in demand.

  2. Regarding the FPTA the members of the smaller associations feel themselves to be 2nd. Class citizens in the Federation. Though they get all the support from the parent body they are hesitant to raise their voice.

  3. The members in general are trying to adjust themselves with the GST regime. They are more apprehensive of the impending intra state e-way bill system as it will affect all the members in general.

  1. In touch with the President and the Secretariat.

I am in constant touch with the President almost on weekly basis. Participated in all the con-calls barring a couple. I contact the Secretariat as and when necessary.

  1. Meetings of the Managing Committee members.

  1. I was present for the 1st. meeting held at Chennai.

  2. Attended the 2nd. meeting at Bengaluru on 6th. & 7th. January, 2018.

  3. Scheduled for the 3rd. meeting at Jaipur to be held on 9th. & 10th. June 2018.

  1. Suggestions to FPTA

All the Associations members who attended the different meetings highly appreciated the idea of Paper Day to be celebrated on 1st. August from this year onwards. They have been informed about the three topics and the level of students they are meant for. To make this programme an all India success some sort of back up from Federation level is necessary. It may be by way of power point presentation, posters, videos or anything else. To reach to the targeted students the management and the teachers are to be convinced first.

  1. Any other matter.

All the associations I have visited except my home town fall in the Hindi speaking belt. They all expressed that if the circulars of FPTA can also be sent in Hindi version. In my opinion if there is no logistic difficulty or extra burden on expenditure it can be tried out at least on trial basis.

They have also suggested that since they find deliberations in English difficult to comprehend, if synopsis of the same can be delivered in Hindi immediately after the speaker has spoken.


  1. Names of the Affiliated Associations under your jurisdiction:

The Paper Traders’ Association, Mumbai

The Pune Paper Traders’ Association, Pune

Paper Merchants’ Association, Surat

The Paper Traders’ Association, Nagpur

  1. Whether you have visited any of the Associations during the quarter, if not the reasons.

PUNE: Visited Pune Association on 16-09-17 along with our President Shri A. Annamalai [ Venkat ] along with PTA – Mumbai President Shri Mehul Mehta.

It was pleasant site to see more youngsters in Pune Association which is a Healthy sign. Pune Association is having app. 75 members and they are trying to bring under them more members from surrounding places.

It is the same old story of competition and less margins due to which new Generation is not interested in joining our Paper Trade.

One good news is that Pune Association members are charging overdue interest and collecting it from their customers and they strictly adhere to it.

Our President explained them the need to get together and fight as one family where needed.

SURAT: My second visit was on 11-11-2017 to Surat Association along with President Shri Venkat and Hon. Secretary Shri Hiren Karia.

eyes to see many youngsters / second generation joining the family trade. The event was well attended by family members of It was treat to the all members. Members of Surat Association seconded the suggestion of Mumbai Association to have a Pan India Grievance Redressal Committee.

NAGPUR : My third visit was on 12-03-2018 to Nagpur Association along

With President Shri Venkat

It was treat to the eyes to see many youngsters / second generation joining the family trade. The event was well attended by. Members of Nagpur Association & senior member attuned meeting

Members remember “ Unless we develop self-respect, we will remain under someone else’s foot”

Mumbai: My Home Association.

Mumbai is having a young and vibrant Managing Committee and my role is guiding the young team to achieve their targets. Our Association is regularly keeping knowledge seminars for the benefit of Members.

Regularly in contact over Phone with Associations under my Jurisdiction.

Looking after day to day working of FPTA office along with Hon. Secretary and Executive Secretary.

c. What are the views of the Associations be it on trade, the functioning of FPTA, Government policies etc.

The associations under my jurisdiction are doing well and are active. They have aligned themselves with FPTA. The common issues of the Association with respect to the trade is that of bad debts, long credit terms and over dues, frequent price increases being announced by Paper Mills

With implementation of GST members were facing difficulties in filing various returns in the beginning but it seems they are settling with it. The recent volatile situation of Foreign Currency is hitting margins still further.

d. Whether you are in touch with the President and FPTA Secretariat regularly.

I am in regular touch with the President over phone and by mail

e. Whether you have attended the Managing Committee Meeting of FPTA held during the Quarter and if not the reasons.

I have attended both the AGM and First Managing Committee meeting at Cheenai.

I have attended the Second Managing Committee at Bengaluru and the following have attend from my Jurisdiction Mumbai – 10 + 2 PP, Surat – 2, Pune – 2, Nagpur – 4.

f. What is your assessment with regard to the functioning of FPTA – whether you have any suggestions which would give a boost to its working.

Regular interaction between Secretariat and affiliated Associations and monthly reports should be exchanged which will help in strengthening both FPTA and affiliated Associations.

The President/Secretary of all the affiliated Association should circulate all the information with their local members and send their feed back to FPTA secretariat. The details so collected may be made in a report form and read/circulated in the AGM for the awareness of all the delegates.

All Associations must be motivated to carry out the program of FPTA and with the launching of WEB site service we will be updated of any event immediately.

g. Any other suggestions. 

All Associations to keep their Vice President informed about all their activities.

Name and signature of the Vice – President: Dhiraj D. Karia Vice President, FPTA – Mumbai.


  1. Names of the Affiliated Associations under your jurisdiction:






  1. Whether you have visited any of the Associations during the quarter, if not the reasons.

Participated in Managing Committee meeting of PAPER MERCHANT WELFARE ASSOCIATION, ANDHRA PRADESH.

In last quarter Visited following associations.





Could not attend kerala paper traders association, kochi. Our President and Bala sir visited kpta. With crucial efforts of bala sir kpta new body form and slowly activities started. They will participate in our AGM at kolkatta. I am in regular touch with new body. They said will do program on paper day on 1st August.

  1. What are the views of the Associations be it on trade, the functioning of FPTA, Government policies etc.

Trade : This quarter our trade was at peak. Every mill increased their prices and done full supplies. Due to pulp and usd, imports of copier and woodfree paper was badly effected leads to demand for local products. Art paper season went well. Newsprint supplies are very tiet and it is running on cash and carry terms. Requirement of kraft paper growing. Krishna tissue started supplying kraft. Tnpl and itc board done good supplies of Duplex board. Cup stock market demand increased. Local mills not able to meet demand.

Trade recovering with the effect of GST and demonetization. Tran 1 returns submitted and got credit of same and utilized. Tran 2 is still under problem. Ewaybill become part of business. Practical problems are coming in submission of GST returns.

On one hand mills are increasing their prices but not getting support in the market. Traders not showing interest in holding material in godown. Reducing the price and disposing off the material.

FPTA functioning :These days we can feel the functioning of fpta by way of watsup, mobile app, mails etc. Office bearers monthly meeting by way of broadcast is excellent and we are sharing every scenarios.

Government policies : Government policies on GST return require review. For ewaybills more relaxation require. For technical issues also huge penalties are there in GST regime and it should be abolish.

  1. Whether you are in touch with the President and FPTA

Secretariat regularly.

Regularly in touch with our president. As and when needed talking to fpta secretariat.

Our president is the Chief guest at Annual General Meeting of PAPER MERCHANTS WELFARE ASSOCIATION, ANDHRA PRADESH going to held on 5th Aug 2018 in Vijayawada.

e. Whether you have attended the Managing Committee Meeting of FPTA held during the Quarter and if not the reasons.

First mc meeting was attended in Chennai.

Second mc meeting was attended in bangaluru.

Third mc meeting going to attend in jaipur.

  1. What is your assessment with regard to the functioning of FPTA – whether you have any suggestions which would give a boost to its working.

Guidelines require to vice presidents for effective working of fpta. In our meetings we take certain issues and decides let vice president do follow up for the same. Let such details be given to Vice presidents in writing so that we can work on the same effectively.

Guidelines require for arbitration. Let fpta prepare booklet and circulate among pta for implementation of same.

g. Any other suggestions. 

Fpta should create GST help desk. Members will share his problems with them and it should be resolve in shortest time.

Let mobile app be more effective in the manner that we get interest to see on daily basis. Correction of data be given to PTA.

More guidelines require to send to pta for conducting of PAPER DAY program at every association.

Let fpta issue guidelines to PTA for awareness of paper among public. Implimentation of same be check at regular intervals.

Name and signature of the Vice – President: