I thank FPTA President Mr.A.Venkat(Annamalai) and FPTA members for providing me this opportunity as Vice President. Also I thank my Sivakasi Paper Merchants Association for nominating me for the same. Its my pleasure to present my report before you.

Vision without action is merely a dream.

Action without vision just passes the time.

Vision with action can change the world.

Let us change the world.




  • The Sivakasi Paper Merchants Association, Sivakasi.
  • Madurai Paper Traders Association, Madurai.
  • Paper & Allied Merchants’ Association, Coimbatore.
  • Tiruchirapalli Dis. Kagitha Vanigarkal Nala Sangam, Trichy.
  • Salem Paper & Allied Traders Association, Salem.
  • Erode District Paper & Stationery Merchants Association, Erode.



  • Young & Energetic Team.
  • Visit was made on 17.11.2017.
  • Main discussion was on Paper Day and Paper Awareness to be brought to the public and students.
  • Various sub committees were formed by the Sivakasi Association. One among those is Public Awareness Committee, which takes responsibility to create the awareness among the Public & Students.
  • DELIGHT – A bulletin was released by our FPTA President.
  • On the same day, we have conducted Paper awareness program in SHNG Hr Sec School, Sivakasi. Around 2500 students participated in this program. Myself given speech on importance & usage of Paper. Our President has given wonderful speech on how the paper is unique, eco-friendly and safe & secured.
  • As a part Paper Day program, we have planned to organize various competitions like drawing, essay writing, elocution, etc., among School & College students on topic which encourages the usage of Paper.
  • New Year was celebrated in the Association on 31.12.2017 with Debate show & Cake cutting. Members & family attended and enjoyed the day.



  • Unique Team with Unity.
  • Visited on 16.12.2017.
  • A grand & memorable welcome arrangement was made during this visit.
  • Doing well under the guidance of Mr.Balu.
  • Conducting regular meetings every month.
  • New team under the Secretary, Mr.Ravi doing lot of social activities like helping to schools & old age homes, which is to be appreciated.
  • Celebrated New Year in grand manner to bring bonding among the members & their families.


Salem Paper & Allied Traders Association

  • Most Love & Affectionate Team
  • Visit was made on 15.12.2017.
  • They arranged the meeting like a house function.
  • Current market scenario was discussed in detail.
  • Special speaker for inspiration was excellent.
  • Conducting EC meetings regularly every month.
  • Planned to visit Sheshasayee Mills after Pongal.


Erode District Paper & Stationery Merchants Association

  • Most valuable team
  • Visit was made on 16.12.2017.
  • Conducting regular meetings. Very closely associated with the Government of Tamil Nadu and ready to arrange top level meetings with CM for any issues.
  • New Year program was celebrated on 31.12.2017.



  • Planned for a visit to Madurai and Trichy in this month-end.
  • Madurai – during the FPTA President visit, planning for Paper Awareness program in School and competitions among students.



  • Regular touch with FPTA President and Secretary via phone calls & mails.
  • Participated in all conference calls on 2nd Sundays of every month.
  • Submitted the monthly reports upto November’2017 of all my affiliated Associations.
  • Attended the 1st MC meeting at Chennai and now attending the 2nd MC meeting at Bangalore.



  • Vodafone Bills carrying the message “Every 3000 sheets of paper cost us a tree. Let’s conserve”.
  • Action need to be taken.
  • If you search GOOGLE or YOUTUBE related to Use of Paper, only you will get use less paper or conserve forest/trees. My suggestion is FPTA should develop a short film with the concept to USE MORE PAPER and 3D animation describing the myths & reality of paper.


None of us got where we are today by ourselves,

We all need mentors, friends and advisors to achieve

Success and we all continue to learn as we grow.

Shri. R. Sunder

Vice President Sivakasi




Report of the FPTA GST Committee 2017-18.
To be presented in 2nd MC meeting at Bangalore on 6-7 Jan 2018.


I thank FPTA managing committee for nominating me as convener of the most Important GST committee for the year 2017-18 during the 1st MC meeting, held on   14th Aug 2017 at Chennai.


I thank the President and Secretary from the core of my heart for approving the following team GST of interested members of FPTA.

Sh. Gian Prakash Gupta   (Delhi)                                                                                                                                   Sh. Alok Kumar Gupta       (Delhi)                                                                                                                                    Sh. Gaurang Mehta        (Mumbai)                                                                                                                                      Sh. Priyesh Desai           (Mumbai)                                                                                                                                                            Sh. T.Kishan Singh  (Hyderabad)                                                                                                                       Sh. Manish Aggarwal     (Kanpur)                                                                                                                                                   Sh. Yashaswi S. Patel       (Pune)                                                                                                                                                       Sh. Gopal Saha              ( Kolkata)                                                                                                                                                    Sh. Vasant H Shah     (Bangalore)


This Committee will progress under the expert guidance of our past presidents Sh Satyapal Gupta ji & Sh C. Balasubramanian ji, FPTA Office bearers & MC members.


After this dedicated committee formed a” WhatsApp” group & an email account formed for effective communication among the members themselves.


A Meeting of this committee was held on 28th August at Shri Satyapal Gupta ji’s office in Delhi & under his guidance we discussed & set the road-map of the working of our GST committee. All Delhi committee members Shri Gian Prakash Gupta, Shri Alok Kumar Gupta and I were present in the meeting. Valuable suggestions were given by the esteem members and the minutes of meeting are as under:-


  1. Communication may be sent by e-mail to all affiliated Associations to invite their suggestions and problems regarding GST.
  2. It was decided that day to day Problems regarding GST should be discussed with concern authorities and solution for the same may be found.
  3. All Associations MC members should meet the paper traders and discuss GST Problems & send the feed back to this GST committee.

We prepared a memorandum on the basis of feedback from our MC members on Whatsapp Group / telephonic conversation and as above, our Delhi Committee Members contacted Paper trader in Delhi & noted their Grievances on GST problems.


Our Committee had written letters covering all GST issues from time to time to the following relevant authorities to seek favorable solution.

Shri Arun Jaitley ji Hon’ble Union Minister for Finance/ Chairman GST Council,                               Madam Vanaja N. Sarna Chairman CBEC,                                                                                      Dr Hasmukh Adhia ji Secretary (Revenue),                                                                                                                                      Shri Manish Sisodia ji Dy CM & Finance Minister, Delhi.                                                                  Shri Mahender Singh Member (GST) CBEC,


A delegation of these committee members from Delhi and office bearers of PMA Delhi under the guidance of Shri Satyapal Gupta ji and Shri Akash Jain (C.A.). Met Shri Mahender Singh Member (GST) CBEC, North Block New Delhi on 4th Oct 2017 and discussed the entire issues in details and he immediately sent copies of our letter to The Member Budget, Member IT and Commissioner GST for Further consideration.



A delegation of these committee members from Delhi and PMA General Secretary Shri Anil Gupta meets Shri Manish Sisodia ji Dy CM & Finance Minister Delhi at his Residence on 11-10-2017 and discussed our GST issues in details. He assured us to raise our concerns in next GST council meeting.


A delegation Under the Chairmanship of Shri Satyapal Gupta ji met Shri Sushil Modi ji Chairman GSTN Govt of India in New Delhi On 14th Dec 2017 and 26 point Memorandum related to GST and GSTN were discussed and our main focus was on ONE CHAPTER ONE TAX i.e. All kinds of Paper and Paper Board and its Products should be under the slab of 12% GST. Shri Modi ji suggested that all our affiliated Associations should meet their respective state Finance Minister and convince them for ONE CHAPTER ONE TAX and if 2 or 3 of them raise this issue in GST Council meeting he will also support the same and get it resolved for chapter 48.


Accordingly Shri Satyapal Gupta ji written this to Our President / Secretary to inform all affiliated Associations that some of the associations should approach the local Finance Minister who is attending the GST Council and make him aware about the CHAPTER 48.          PMA Delhi is going to meet Dy CM & Finance Minister Delhi again, before next GST council meeting likely to be held in Jan 2018.


Meetings were also held with the following dignitaries and we discussed our GST issues and handed our memorandum to them:

Shri Shyam Jaju ji Hon’ble National VP BJP,                                                                                 Shri Manoj Tiwari ji President Delhi Pradesh BJP,                                                                    Shri Brijesh Goyal ji Convener Delhi Trade Wing AAP Party.

(Copies of all letters were sent to FPTA office & also on WhatsApp Group.)


As you all knows that from 1st to 4th Nov 2017, FPTA stall managed by PMA Delhi was put up at Paperex 2017 at Pragati Maidan New Delhi, beside so many attractions a GST Help Desk was one of the main attraction of our stall which was successfully organized & arranged by our Dear Shri VD Aggarwal CA and his team from (Abhipra Capital Ltd.) and GST Quick Reference Book was also distributed to all visitors.


I thank all our affiliated Associations for their efforts to put-up our GST issues from time to time with their State Chief Minister, Finance Minister and local GST Commissioner Etc. Special thanks to our former President Shri C. Balasubramanian ji for sending latest information on GST by e-mail and on WhatsApp Group.


I also thank our President Shri Annamalai (Venkat), Secretary Shri Hiren Karia ji and all the Members of the Managing Committee of FPTA for having extended full help to perform my duties. I assure that I shall do my best to live up to the expectation of all.


Krishan Mohan Gupta
(Convener)                                                                                                                            9810034262                     E-mail:


Report of the Industry Affairs

It gives me immense pleasure to present before you the first report of the Industry Affairs Sub-Committee:

At the outset, I would like to first thank the President and other Office Bearers for having supported me as the Convener of this Committee.  Our Committee has the following members:


Shri. Deepak Mittal Convener
Shri. B.R. Rao Member
Shri. Ashok Java Member
Shri. N. Annamalai Member
Shri. Manish Mittal Member


I appreciate the above members for being part of my team and for their participation and interaction.


When this responsibility was given to me by my predecessor – Mr. A. Natesan, he had briefed me that one of the main activities of this Committee over the last one year was conceptualisation and working towards making “Paper Day” a reality.  Paper Day indeed became a reality during 2017 with the inauguration ceremony being held in a grand manner during Paperex on November 1st under the leadership of Shri. Satyapalji.


It was a grand function organised during Paperex with all the Paper Industry Associations namely IPMA, IARPMA, IPPTA and INMA being present for the first time together on a common platform.  The function was a grand success with the participation of Dr. Harshvardhan, Hon. Minister of Science and Technology & Shri. Vijay Goel, Hon. Minister for Parliamentary Affairs.  It was officially declared that August 1st of every year will be celebrated as Paper Day across the country.


By my various informal interactions with the industry people who have suggested better days ahead for the paper industry as a whole.  They have said that after many years they have been able to get above average returns and the possibility for future growth and outlook on the industry as a whole is very robust.  The packaging segment is seeing very good growth and the effects of demonetisation & GST are kind of dwindling and the demand is back to normalcy.


India has initiated an anti-dumping probe into imports of cut size copier papers from Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore.  This probe has been initiated due to complaints of dumping raised by the following paper Mills:

  1. The West Coast Paper Mills
  2. Tamil Nadu Newsprint Papers Ltd.
  3. Ballarpur Industries
  4. JK Paper


The complaint had been filed before the DGAD.  The DGAD in a notification said it has found sufficient prima facie evidence of dumping such papers from these countries.  The DGAD in its statement has said “The authority hereby initiates an investigation into the alleged dumping, and consequent injury to the domestic industry”.  The move is aimed at protecting domestic players in the copier paper segment against cheap imports.  The period of probe would be from April 2016 to June 2017.  We need to deliberate on this point during the 2nd MC Meeting at Bangalore on what stand to take in case it comes to that.


In the last 5 – 6 months, there has been a significant increase in the prices of wood pulp across the globe by approx. 150 USD pmt.  This is due to significant capacity shut downs because of maintenance and technical break-downs of various mills.  This has led to repeated price increases of various grades of paper.  Recently Mills have announced increases on various grades as under:


Un-coated Wood free – Rs.1500/- pmt

Copier Paper – Rs.750/- to 1000/- pmt

Virtual Packaging Bard – Rs.2500/- pmt

Re-cycled Packaging Board – Rs.1000/- pmt


Apart from the above, Mills have announced further price increase with effect from 01.01.2018 and are looking for further increases every 15 – 30 days.


There has been not much green field capacity expansion announcement by any of the large Mills in India except ITC which is currently undergoing an expansion of their PM1 machine which will increase the capacity of that machine from 200 MT / day to 500 MT / day.


Apart from these, there are some small capacities of Kraft Paper and Duplex Boards which are coming up in different parts of the country.  The demand is growing at a consistent rate of 6 – 7% pa and if no new capacity is coming up, the imports are bound to increase in the coming days.


Some of the data collected by me from the Industry sources are as under:


  1. The global paper demand is 410 million tonne / annum and has grown at a CAGR of 0.4% between 2011 – 2016 and is projected to grow at 0.5% CAGR between 2016 – 2021.


Break-up between grades:                           CAGR

  1. a) Packaging Paper / Board – 70% 5%
  2. b) Writing & Printing – 25% – 0.5 – 1%
  3. c) Newsprint – 5% – 4 – 4.5%



  1. The Indian Paper demand is approx. 14.5 million tonne per annum. With a per capital consumption of 12 – 13 kgs and it has grown at a CAGR of 4.5% between 2011 – 2016 and is projected to grow at CAGR of 6 – 7% between 2016 – 2022.  The demand is likely to touch 19.9 million tonnes per annum by 2021 – 2022.


The break-up of 14.3 million tonne / annum:


Quality                          Consumption                Share                   CAGR FY 2017-2022

Writing & Printing                   4.3 million tonne/anm. 30%            5 – 6%

Packaging paper/Board 6.8 million tonne/anm  47%            7 – 8%

Newsprint                      2.7 million tonne /anm 19%            4 – 5%

Specialty Grades            0.7 million tonne / anm 4%              9 – 10%


Indian Paper Board / Packaging Paper Market set to explode:

Due to the government initiative of  ‘Make in India’ and a host of other factors like E-Commerce boom, favourable demographics, political stability, improving macro economic factors, consumer preferences for better quality products etc., there has been a surge in demand of Packaging grade paper and paper board.  It has been the fastest growing grade within the Indian paper market.


Packaging paper / paper board accounts to 47% (approx. 7 million tonnes / annum) of the paper industry & projected to grow at a CAGR of 7 – 8% between 2016 – 2022.  The construct is as under:


2016 – 17                                                   CAGR                   2021-22


Kraft Paper – 38.5 Lakh T/A                       7 – 8%                   54 Lakh T / A

Recycled Board – 21.5 Lakh T/A                6 – 7%                  30 Lakh T / A

Virgin Packaging Board – 7.7 Lakh T/A     7.5 – 8.5%             11 Lakh T / A



Copier & Coated Paper to drive Writing & Printing Paper demand through FY 2022

Writing & Printing Paper demand to rise at a moderate pace of 5.5 – 6.5% through FY 2021-22 &  within the writing & printing segment, the fastest growing  grades are going to be copier paper and coated paper grades.  The construct is going to be as under:

Quality                          2016 – 17                      CAGR                   2021-22

Creamwove                     17.5 Lakh T / A             4%                        21.5 Lakh T/A

Maplitho                        9.0 Lakh T / A               4.3%                     11.4 Lakh T/A

Copier                            9.0 Lakh T / A               9.9%                     14.2 Lakh T/A

Coated Paper                  7.5 Lakh T / A               5.2%                     10.0 Lakh T/A


We propose to meet up with the Industry Captains in next few weeks to take up the issue related to the Trade.  Request all the members to come forward and let us know if there are any issues of common interest which needs to be taken up with Industry.  Once we receive the feedback and looking into the merits of the case, we will try to resolve the same during our next meeting with the Industry Body.


We once again thank our FPTA president – Sri. A. Venkat, Hon. Secretary – Sri. Hiren Karia, other office bearers and all members of FPTA for their continuous support & assure of our best always.


Wishing you’ll a very happy & prosperous 2018.

With best regards,


Convener – Industry Affairs Sub-Committee


REPORT OF – Committee for Website and Social Media – at 2nd Meeting of the Managing Committee, Bangalore – 6th January, 2018.


I thank the President Shri A. Annamalai ( Venkat )  to re appoint me with the responsibility as Convener of Committee for Website and Social Media during the 1st Meeting of Managing Committee held at Chennai 14th August 2017.

Members of my Team –



One more achievement  after  website  , inspired  by the Digital India vision of Shri Narendra Modi during  56th AGM/CONFERENCE of FPTA held at Hotel Grand ITC Chola, Chennai on 12thto 14th August 2017, FPTA INDIA MOBILE APP was launched by Smt Nirmala Sitharaman, Hon’ble Union Minister of Commerce and Industry, Minister of State (Independent Charge ) .

Federation of Paper Traders’ Associations of India (FPTA) now enters the digital age with the launch of FPTA India Mobile App that seamlessly connects more than 6000 members across India. It’s a simple to use app with appealing design to connect, do business and stay updated with the happenings in the paper industry of India.


 Features of FPTA India mobile app —-


1.) Members – See list of all associations under FPTA India and see list of all members registered with any association.

2.) Profile – Members can edit their profile, add team members, business categories, product photos, etc. Your data is private and secure and only registered numbers can edit their own profile.

3.) Events – See list of all events organised by FPTA India with date, time, venue, description.

4.) Business Forum – Members can post their business inquiries, subscribe to threads from popular categories or those matching their interests and do business with other members using in-app chat platform.

5.) Business Categories – See list of all members as per their business area and category from among 14 categories.

6.) Birthday Reminders – Get daily automatic birthday and reminders.

7.) News – Get notifications when FPTA posts any latest news about the paper industry.

8.) Circulars and Reports – See circulars and reports of FPTA.

9.) Committee & Sub-committee – See list of all committee members and sub-committee

members of FPTA across India in different domains and contact them in 1-click.

10.) Search Members – Search members by brand name, company name or blood group.

11.) Notifications – Get list of all notifications about events, photos of events, birthday reminders, etc. in one place.






We are glad to inform that out of 6000 members till date about 4000 members have downloaded APP & have used this app for their business improvement. At present we are running five advertisements on APP, which is generating a revenue of Rs 95000/- , I request the members to give their advertisement & let their presence be felt at national & international level.


I along with my team thank President Shri A. Annamalai (Venkat) & Hons Secretary Shri Hiren Karia for their help & guidance. 










               Convener Report


Committee for International Trade 2017-18 At

            2nd Managing Committee meeting of FPTA  

       to be held at BANGALORE on 6th& 7th Jan -2018


I thank our President for nominating me for this post and thank my team members for cooperating with me throughout the term towards fulfilling my duty as Convenor – Committee for International Trade.


Since mid 2017, China has shut down several plants due to lack of environment compliance. And recently as a part of anti-foreign dumping campaign  China has banned Imports of several grades of waste paper. This has led to shutdown of Chinese plants that produce from waste paper (recycle paper) and increased the demand for wood pulp (natural fibre), other material from which paper can be produced. Countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and Chile which are major pulp exporters have now diverted all their pulp towards China at a much higher price thus leading to sharp rise in the end products.


Global Scenario for Paper & Board industry is generally upswing and Prices are upswing since past 4 months. Most of the mills have increased prices around 100 to 150  USD per ton in 2017.


  1. International Market for Pulp, Paper & Printing are on upswing, Most of the prices are moving up since past 4 months.

Current Average Rates:

Soft wood pulp                                          – 850 to  900 US $

Hard Wood Pulp                                      – 775 to 800 US $

Waste Paper Average –        Brown        – 275 US $

                                –          White         – 475 US $

        India Imports nearly – 2.3 Million Tons of Waste Paper.

Coated Paper                                                     – 775 to 850 US $

Wood free Paper                                                – 800 to 850 US $

Copier                                                                 – 850 to 900 US $

Newsprint                                                            – 650 to 700 US $

US $ – is stable &currently around 64.00 INR


  1. India’s yearly

 Exports of Paper & Boards                    – 0.5 Million Tons

Imports of Paper & Boards                       – 2.0 Million Tons

Newsprint Imports                     – 1.5 Million Tons


  1. Happy to inform you that our FPTA Trip to Vietnam got very good response and we have 45 members travelling from All India namely Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkatta, Vijayawada, Indore, Merut, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Karur, Baroda Etc.

Tour dates are from 4th Feb to 11th Feb 2018. We will be visiting around 4 Paper mills – 1. Anoha Paper 2. Vina Kraft Paper            3. Saigon Paper  4. Wattens Paper.

              We have meeting with Vietnam Pulp & Paper Manufacturer Association. We have a high tea meeting at the Indian consulate with Indian Chambers at Hocho Min City.  Anoha Paper is exporting to India since past one year.


  1. The CAGR growth in import of paper from Asian countries is around 34 percent per year in last six years. The imports are rising because of FTA that allows the trade at zero duty.In the last six years, Imports have risen at a CAGR of 15.8 percent in value terms ( from Rs: 3411 Crore in 2010-11 to Rs: 8,237 Crore in 2016 -17) and 17.6 percent in volume terms ( from 0.54 million tonnes in 2010-11 to 1.42 million tonnes in 2016-17).


  1. Since May 2017, China ceased granting import quota of paper recovered as raw material for production. This has made paper mills in China shortage of raw materials and the Chinese market is lacking in packaging paper seriously. As a result, the price of paper for packaging and paper packaging has risen daily in China.


From now on, China will be the importer of recycled paper, due to:

  1. a) As of January 1, 2018, China completely ceased importing unclaimed scrap paper.
  2. b) The impurities in scrap paper imported as raw materials for production does not exceed 0.3% (currently 1.5%) – that is scrap paper must be completely clean.
  3. c) Raise thresholds for minimum size of plants that are allowed to import, process and use imported paper.
  4. d) By the end of 2019, China will gradually stop importing solid waste that can be replaced by domestic products and sources.


  1. China’s new policies for the management of scrap imports as raw materials for production and pollution control have impacted the Indian market:


  1. The market suddenly became scarce paper packaging. + Paper mills that run at full capacity still have no paper to satisfy the needs of domestic and overseas customers.
  2. Helping many factories revive; Factories are accumulating to upgrade / expand.
  • Some mills have planned to urgently invest to take advantage of the opportunity.
  1. Paper price increases every day from the beginning of the month


  1. Positive Impact:
  2. There will be many Indian and FDI enterprises investing in the production of packaging paper in India with large scale and modern technology.Poonam Gupta – Pg Paper Company – UK is starting 2 New mills in India.
  3. The process of eliminating backward production lines, small capacity, causing pollution will happen faster.
  • The quality of packaging paper has been rapidly improved.
  1. Stimulate the collection of used paper in India, utilize resources and protect the environment.


  1. India has initiated an anti- dumping probe into imports of a certain kind of paper from Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore following complaints from some domestic companies.The West Coast Paper Mills, Tamil Nadu Newsprint, Papers Ltd, Ballarpur Industries and JK Paper had filed an application before the Directorate General of Antidumping and Allied Duties (DGAD) for initiation of anti-dumping investigation into imports of uncoated paper from the three countries.

The DGAD in a notification said it has found “sufficient prima facie evidence” of dumping of such paper from these countries. This paper is used as a photocopy or copy paper. The move is aimed at protecting domestic players in the sector against cheap imports. “The authority hereby initiates an investigation into the alleged dumping, and consequent injury to the domestic industry,” it said.

In the probe, it would determine the existence and effect of the alleged dumping and recommend the amount of anti- dumping duty, which if levied, would be adequate to remove the injury to the domestic industry, it added. The period of probe would be April 2016 to June 2017 (15 months) for the purpose of present investigations. We at FPTA always support free & fair trade practices.

  1. App New OKI Pulp Mill Indonesia is 3 Billion dollar Investment facility with a capacity of 2.8 Million tons of Pulp per year has started production from April – 2017.


  1. Custom Duty Charges from 1st January 2018.

South Korea –  0 %,  Japan – 5.0 %, China  – 10 % , Indonesia & Thailand – 0 %, Vietnam – 0%.


Thanking you,  

Shekar Chandak


Committee for International Trade – FPTA

Wednesday, December 20, 2017




  1. Names of the Affiliated Associations under my jurisdiction:
  2. Paper Merchant Association Ahmedabad.
  3. Paper Merchant Association Baroda.
  4. Paper Merchant Association Rajkot.


  1. I have visited Baroda Paper Merchant Associations along with Mr. Venkat (FPTA President.


  1. We have met Gujarat VAT Commissioner Mr. P. D. Vaghela for discussion regarding GST Rates Stationery Products and Waste Paper.


  1. I am in touch with the President and FPTA Secretary regularly.



  1. I have attended Managing Committee Meeting of FPTA.


Mr. Bhupendra Gandhi


(Vice President)



I was nominated through Paper Merchants Association (Regd.), Delhi, Vice-President of FPTA from Delhi for the year 2017-2018.

In the 56th AGM & Conference of FPTA held at Chennai it was decided to celebrate ‘Paper Day’ on 1st August every year. This year it has been fixed for 1st November, 2017 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi on the opening day of PAPEREX – 2017.

Being the Vice – President of FPTA from Delhi, I remain involved in the day to day arrangements and other activities to celebrate 1st Paper Day in New Delhi & I am giving below the brief of different activities.

On 30-10-2017 I received Shri. A. Annamalai (Venkat), President FPTA from Airport and arranged meeting with the members of Paper Merchants Association, Noida, Shri. Alok Gupta, Mg. Committee Member FPTA from Delhi accompanied me. 25-30 members attended the meeting at 1.00 P.M.

On the same day in the evening we visited the office of Meerut Paper Vikreta Sangh and discussed about day to day problems of Trade particularly GST implementation & Paper Day celebration arrangements.

On 31-10-2017, we visited office of Agra Kagaz Vyapar Mandal and discussed about the problems being faced by Traders due to GST in their day to day business & also regarding the preparation to organize 1st Paper Day celebration. Shri. Rajeev Agarwal, Ex President,

FPTA (Agra) &Shri Vijay Bansal, Vice President, FPTA attended the get together & enlightened with their valuable suggestions.

All the three Associations very well welcomed President – Shri. A. Annamalai (Venkat)

Along with myself & make their best arrangements for eatables etc.

On 01-11-2017, I along with FPTA President Shri. A. Annamalai (Venkat) reached Pragati Maidan at FPTA stall, which was inaugurated by FPTA President in the presence of Paper Traders. I welcomed and honoured FPTA President on behalf of Paper Merchants Association (Regd.), Delhi to grace & co-moment this occasion we arranged Military Band. The Chief Guest – Dr. Harshvardhan, Hon’ble Minister of Science & Technology and Shri. Vijay Goel, Hon’ble Minister of State Parliamentary Affairs were welcomed by Military Band at the time of their entrance. The band was sponsored by myself & idea was also given by me.

I along with President FPTA & other Paper Traders who were in Delhi from the various Associations attended the Inaugural Session of 1st Paper Day. The attendance was more than 500 & high tea was also there.

Distribution of different items – Paper Pen, Carry bag, Stallholder & Logo FPTA i.e. I Love Paper.

Full day by Vice President along with Office Secretary FPTA, Mr. Manish Shirsat.

Diwali Mangal Milan, PMA, Delhi was attended by President – Shri. A. Annamalai (Venkat) on 17-10-2017 and I escorted him from Airport to venue & till he left Delhi.

Sincerely thankful to my parent Association its office bearers & working team and co-operation of our President – Shri. GianPrakash Gupta, specially guidance of Shri. Satya Pal Gupta, Shri. Mahendra Kumar Jain & Shri. C.D. Chaudhary for this successful event organized in a very well manner in such a short period.

I am also thankful to the office bearers & Mg. Committee members of FPTA who came to Delhi to attend 1st Paper Day celebration & Paperex in New Delhi.

I also stayed in FPTA stall at Paperex on all the four days i.e. 01-11-2017 to 04-11-2017.

Name and signature of the Vice – President:

Shri. P. K. Jain



  1. Names of the Affiliated Associations under your jurisdiction:







  1. Whether you have visited any of the Associations during the quarter, if not the reasons.

Visited following associations.


Attended two managing committee meeting. Participated in Diwali Garden party as Chief Guest. Bring awareness about paper in Family get together.



Participated in Diwali Garden party in Chennai with family. It was well organized.



Participated in diwali Milan as guest of honour. We had great time with friends and their family. In the evening had meeting with our convener for website Mr. Nirmal Kuhad and committee for public awareness Mr. Ravi kumar Rathi. Both got good vision for FPTA.

Could not attend Kerala Paper Traders Association, Kochi. Discussions are going on with Secretary Mr. Sanjay. Our President Mr. Venkat too wants to do visit. We will plan in next quarter.


  1. What are the views of the Associations be it on trade, the functioning of FPTA, Government policies etc.

Trade: Trade got affected with GST and demonetization. More awareness is still require on GST. Practical problems are coming in submission of GST. On one hand mills are increasing their prices but not getting support in the market. Traders not showing interest in holding material in godown. Reducing the price and disposing off the material. Unable to predict the conditions of market.

FPTA functioning: These days we can feel the functioning of FPTA by way of whatsapp, mobile app, mails etc. Office bearers’ monthly meeting by way of broadcast is excellent and we are sharing every scenario.

Government policies: Government policies on GST are very hard. They have to still relax lot of things on the same. For technical issues also huge penalties are there in GST regime and it should be abolish. It will lead to inspector raj again.

Maharashtra govt. has brought law on labour. It says a firm does not require to register with labour department for workers upto 10 members. It will give benefit to entire trade community. Request to implement in entire country.

  1. Whether you are in touch with the President and FPTA

Secretariat regularly.

Regularly in touch with our president. As and when needed talking to fpta secretariat.

In our visit to Chennai and Hyderabad me and president are together and had discussions on FPTA issues.

  1. Whether you have attended the Managing Committee Meeting of FPTA held during the Quarter and if not the reasons.

First mc meeting was attended in Chennai.

Second mc meeting going to attend in bengaluru.

  1. What is your assessment with regard to the functioning of FPTA – whether you have any suggestions which would give a boost to its working.

Every year we are getting new vice president. FPTA should issue guidelines along with details of area working. This guideline has to come from the elected president. Based on vision of president guidelines be issued to vice president. Certain guidelines are already framed and these should be share with all vice presidents so that smooth working gets start from day one.

As vice president received a letter from secretariat that these are the associations under your jurisdiction. Request to share respective association president and secretary details in the same.

Fpta has to issue guidelines to PTA regarding sharing of information with vice president. Fpta has to issue letter to PTA stating so and so is your vice president in charge with his details of contact.

Fpta secretariat has to share present position of PTA in his jurisdiction. Based on the same one will decide and take call on the issue in consultation with president.

  1. Any other suggestions.

Fpta should create GST help desk. Members will share his problems with them and it should be resolve in shortest time.

Name and signature of the Vice – President:




Report of Committee for Consumer Relations & Arbitrations at 2nd Meeting of the Managing Committee, Bangalore – 6th January, 2018.


I thank the President Shri A. Annamalai ( Venkat ) to appoint me with the responsibility as Convener of Committee for Consumer Relations & Arbitrations during the 1st Meeting of Managing Committee held at Chennai on 14th August 2017.

Members of my Team –




Our team members have discussed and taken an decision to implement the KYC Form (Know your Customer) which is an very useful and important document for the benefit of our members.


The Format of KYC has been drawn and all the important measures have been taken to draft it in appropriate manner. We would request all the members to follow the KYC Form and they have to Request all their Consumers, Traders and other parties to fill in this form.


 We have to regularly follow up with them and see that they are returned back to you with all the details filled in.


We can even inform them unless the forms are filled in the given time. We would not be able to supply the material from our end, so that it becomes more binding.


The KYC form would be sent along with an letter from FPTA so that the members can forward the same which would make them feel that the action is taken from the Federation level.


We are also planning and would be suggesting our members to have an Consumer meet at their association level, so that we can understand and Share their views and Innovative ideas which would benefit both of them.


We are also planning that in every association, they should appoint one or two members from their association as an Arbitrator, who would look in to the problems faced by our members and try to solve them at their end amicably. 


 Any other suggestions are Welcome


I Thank Mr. President Shri A. Annamalai, Mr. Hiren Karia, Hons.Secretary and My team members for their Valuable support and Guidance.



With Regards,

  1. Rajesh Jain

Convener for Consumer Relations & Arbitrations.

Report of the Public Awareness Committee of FPTA, 2017-2018


Dear Members,


It gives me immense pleasure to present before you the first report of the Public Awareness Committee of FPTA, formed on 14th August 2017, at Chennai.


At the outset, I would like to first thank each and everyone of you for having supported me as the Convenor of this prestigious committee.


Our Committee has the following members:


Convenor Ravi Kumar Rathi
Co-Convenor Sri Dipesh Laddha
Members Sri Alok Kumar Gupta
Sri V V D Ramesh
Sri Rajen Aythora
Sri Arun Sundariya


I appreciate my whole team for their support and I would like to thank them for their active participation and interaction.


Taking the things forward for the ongoing talks (from last year) for Celebration of Paper Day, I have attended the meeting of All General Secretaries of all Paper Manufactures Associations and FPTA, on 19th August 2017, at Delhi PMA. Meeting was Chaired by our own Sri Satyapalji Gupta. The meeting was fruitful and the roadmap for the Grand Launch of Paper Day was discussed.


I have also attended another meeting on 12th Sept 2017 at Mumbai PTA office. The meeting was Chaired by our President Sri A. Venkat. This was a preparatory meeting towards launching of Paper Day – which would be celebrated on 1st August, every year.


As you all know, FPTA has put up a stall @ Paperex which was held at Pragathi Maiden, New Delhi from 1st Nov to 4th Nov, 2017. Some of the important points of this event are as follows:


  • The stall- a networking lounge, was the 3rd time, FPTA participated in Paperex.
  • The stall was inaugurated by our President.
  • On the back drop banner, names were displayed of our 35 Paper Associations from various cities, showing the strength of FPTA, on all India basis.
  • Also displayed features of our newly launched FPTA App. Photos of our Stall were shared on our whatsapp group, on all 4 days.
  • We got very good response to our stall. Many stalwarts from the Paper Industry came to our stall & appreciated.
  • Special Appreciation & thanks to Delhi PMA and their members for their untiring efforts in co-ordinating almost all the works related to this Stall.
  • Members who have visited our stall on first day had a chance to see the beautiful – Paper quilling Art portrait picture of Lord Radha Krishna on display, which was made totally out of different  coloured
  • This was the first time that we displayed many things made out of Paper. Special Appreciation to my Committee Co-convenor Sri Dipesh Laddha, for arranging tables and Chairs, (corrugated), made out of Paper. We were sitting on the same on all days. Thank you Mumbai PTA, for bringing the Love Paper
  • The report on the launch of Paper Day, I believe will be given by Sri Satyapalji Gupta, who is the Convenor, Paper Day.
  • We would also like to thank the Past Presidents of FPTA for their presence and guidance. We also like to thank all the office bearers & members of FPTA, Members of various Paper Traders Associations for having come to the FPTA networking lounge and making it a success.


Many members have also been circulating information on promoting Paper and trying to create awareness for using more Paper. We have also circulated the soft copies of booklets made by IPMA on Paper – Myths v/s Facts.


Members, it’s moral responsibility of all of us to create awareness and promote the usage of Paper. Paper is our Bread and butter. I must appreciate Karnataka Paper Merchants’ and Stationers’ Association for setting up their own Public Awareness Committee in their Association and taking the task of creating Public Awareness about Paper being Green. I would like to request all the 35 Paper Associations in various Cities, to form your own Public Awareness Committee in your own Association, which will help us in creating a Brand Image of Paper, as green (eco-friendly).


We once again thank our FPTA President Sri A Venkat, FPTA Hon. Secretary Sri Hiren Karia and all the members of FPTA, for their continuous support and assure of our commitment for FPTA and Paper Trade.


Wishing you all – A Very Happy and a prosperous New Year 2018


With best regards,


Ravi Kumar Rathi

Convenor – Public Awareness Committee

Federation of Paper Traders’ Associations of India.