Mr. Dalip Bindal

President – FPTA


63rd Annual General Meeting and Conference will be hosted by The Paper Traders Association, Mumbai at Resort Rio Hotels Pvt Ltd, Tambudki Arpora, Bardez Goa from 27th to 28th September 2024

2nd Meeting Managing Committee Meeting 2023-24 will be hosted by Meerut Paper Traders Association, Meerut at Mars Resort, By-Pass Road, Meerut on 16th and 17th March 2024.

3rd Meeting of Managing Committee Meeting 2023-24, will be hosted by Sivakasi Paper Merchants Association, Sivakasi at Goldi Sands Hotel,  Negombo, Colombo Srilanka from 28th to 30 June 2024.

FPTA Motto is to promote Paper

Paper – It is Bio Degradable
Recyclable and Sustainable

It is hard to imagine what life would be like without paper. All of us use it, in one of its many forms, each and every day. Just take a look around you and see how many different types of paper and board you can see. Paper is a versatile material – it can decompose in water, yet maps can withstand the weather. Even boat hulls have been made from it. Paper may be used as a fuel, or be made fire-resistant. It may be a carrier or a barrier or a filter. It may be made tough enough to withstand acid, or soft enough for a baby’s skin. It can be read and it can be worn as a garment. The list is endless. It can be re-used and recycled and it is made from a renewable source.

"From Rags to Riches"

The Phrase “Rags to Riches” originated during the 18 the century when the prices of rags soared with the invention of the printing press and subsequent increased demand for the paper.

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